Queer Fashion Week is coming to Oakland!!

Queer Fashion Week is coming to Oakland April 16th-19th and we at The Knockturnal Project (meaning me) couldn’t be any more excited!! Awesome queer designers from across the nation will be coming to Oakland to show off their designs and offer the world an opportunity to show their unique style. Fiveten Oakland Events, headed by Executive Director Miz Chris De La Rosa, are presenting this inaugural weekend event which includes a Thursday opening night party, Friday performance night, the main runway show and vendor village on Saturday, and a designer trunk show on Sunday. Between all of the events will be plenty of opportunities to party with the beautiful people and meet the designers! We are especially excited for all of the MOC fashions and models that fashion week will bring along with it. Headed up by event co-sponsors the What Is Butch Movement and designers like Haute Butch, Immigreat Designs, True Life Clothing, Sharpe Suiting and so many others!

I can’t wait for this Queer fashion week! It seems to me like queer designers are always on the cutting edge of what is fashionable. It makes so much sense that Oakland, which I think is quickly becoming the queer capital of the world, would jump off this amazing renaissance of queer fashionistas. So many mainstream runway shows and designers like to bite queer style and make it “couture” its about time we had a time to shine as a community. Or maybe I’m just excited about another place to buy bowties and suspenders. You make the call! lol 🙂

Check out the site for more information on events, scheduled designers and how you can get tickets! http://www.queerfashionweek.com/


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