Queer Kwanzaa: Kuumba

Yani Davis offers this word on Kuumba “From the way we talk, to the way we dress, to the way we style our hair. From our businesses to the way we raise our youth…it’s all creativity! Keep being the truest expression of all you were sent here to be. Our community needs you!” #queerkwanzaa #peacepeopleatkwanzaa

Queer Kwanzaa: Nia

NIA means Purpose!!! How do you find your purpose within the community? Yani asks “What have you been called to do? Vocation doesn’t always align with what makes you money. What has been placed on your heart to shift our global reality? Do that!” Find your purpose!! You are an important part of building and … More Queer Kwanzaa: Nia

Queer Kwanzaa: Ujamaa

Yani Davis gives us this word on Ujamaa- Don’t be fooled! The black community makes and spends trillions of dollars each year. Our economic power can not be denied. 2016 is the year of profiting together! Find someone with a similar vision and passion, then go forth and make magic happen! To build our own stores, … More Queer Kwanzaa: Ujamaa

Queer Kwanzaa: Ujima

  UJIMA reminds us of our responsibility to work together to build and maintain our community. We see this principle manifested on a large scale as the Black Lives Matter movement grows. We also see this in our local community as we engage in community organizing and creating spaces specifically for us to uplift, support … More Queer Kwanzaa: Ujima

Queer Kwanzaa: UMOJA

HABARI GANI?   Our resident theologian Yani Davis gives us this word on UMOJA- Empower those around you with encouraging words, by supporting their endeavors and letting them know they aren’t alone. Unity in the community! #queerkwanzaa #peacepeopleatkwanzaa #theknockturnalproject Visit Yani and Peace People at whoisyani.com