LA’s ARIES ROC BOIS:Keeping the Community Warm For The Holidays

Many of us put a lot of thought into the coats and shoes we are going to buy our loved ones for Christmas. Especially our children who seem to grow out of their winter gear every year. Not many folks think about families who don’t have the means to buy the necessary clothing to keep warm. One LA social club has stepped in to fill that void in their community.

Aries Roc Bois are a group of friends that came together after a previous social group disbanded. Members Chaun Martin and Neicey Todd wanted to continue coming together to serve the community through giving as well as hosting parties and entertainment. They recruited other Aries born members of the group (Gina Clayton, Lala Kelly & Ronnie Wood)  plus one Capricorn member (Kat Weathers) who represents the Roc, and became ARIES ROC BOIS.


Earlier this year they collected hygiene products and created care packages that they donated to a local woman’s shelter.

Currently they are running their 3rd Annual Coats and Kicks drive for the Good Shepard Domestic Violence Shelter. Chaun shared the amazing story of how they came to be involved with this effort, “Niecey reached out to them a few years back to see how we could help and at the time the nuns explained they had a lady that would donate coats and tennis shoes every year, however, she had recently passed away. We decided to take on the task. The past 2 years our friends and family managed to get all the coats and shoes within about 2 weeks. This year we decided to include each women’s children. It has been a little more difficult this year.”

It started difficult but the community really came through!

At my last unofficial tally they had collected enough clothing for 60 community members with donations still coming in.

In 2016 ARB is looking to expand their ability to serve by applying for non-profit status. They will continue to throw parties and events (their events are lit yall. LA grown folks style. If you are in LA I suggest you go to one) with the proceeds going to their service projects. Their next major service will be their 3rd Annual Free Easter Egg Hunt for the kids at Haven of Hope which they are hoping to make even bigger than previous years.

For information on the next Aries Roc Bois service project follow them-





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