The Wrap Party Episodes 1 & 2

When I was on deployment I craved film. I devoured all of the film I could get my hands on. I lived at the theater on base watching everything that came out. I studied the movies that I watched. It kept me grounded. I ached to stay connected with what was happening in the world of films and podcasts were great ways to do that. I listened to a number of shows but none of them sounded like me or anyone like me. None of them reflected my POV when it came to film, culture and heritage so I decided I would create one. This show would reflect my communities voice and love of film. I called filmmaker Danielle Porter and we threw up The Wrap Party because black girls love film too!

Every week will get together and talk about recent movies that we have seen. We will talk about everything from technical glitches to who had the best theme music. It’s just two dope girls talking about film. Follow us here on The Knockturnal Project and subscribe to the podcast on ITUNES.

Episode #1- Spectre
Episode #2- Creed

Subscribe on Itunes and listen here!

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