Golden Globes: Denzel’s Daughter in this Suit Though!!

Can we take a minute and talk about Denzel Washington’s daughter slaying in her suit at the Golden Globes? In case you missed it, Denzel was accepting his Lifetime Achievement Award at the Golden Globes when he brought his entire family on stage to share in the moment. Some folks are busy being mad that Denzel didn’t deliver an “epic” speech. I was too busy standing and cheering when his daughter appeared in a simple blue suit that matched her brother’s. Say what now? Yes!!!! She was dapper in her suit with brooch. I think she should have taken it up a notch with a bowtie of her own but hey she was doing her and it was EVERYTHING!!

I’m not going to say that much else about it except that it happened. You only see black masculine presenting women on tv maybe twice a year if you are lucky. With Freda Gatz on Empire that assures us there will be another sighting soon. Maybe we can be optimistic and shoot for 5 back MOC sightings this year? This surprise representation has left me a bit elated.

For now, let’s just enjoy her in her dapperness shall we?


3 thoughts on “Golden Globes: Denzel’s Daughter in this Suit Though!!

  1. She looked really dapper. The broach she wore is a Coreen Simpson Black Cameo. It is a classic from back in the day. Coreen Simpson’s Cameos are not coveted as she wanted a Cameo with a black woman’s features and profile and thus she created her own line. Nice touch indeed! She was rocking her own style. Great for her!


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