The Haves and the Have Nots Recap: Season 5, Episode 4

Hello drama kings and queens!! I’m back with this week’s recap of Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots! First I have to say I’m sorry for missing weeks two and three. It has already been a busy New Year but I’m glad to be back at it!

Last week War put Candace on blast for lying to him about the amount of money that she from Jim. When the show ended he was giving her an ultimatum to either give him the money or he would kill her. Can I say that War has been the first believable gangster on HAHN? I started to give him MY money. But like a fool Candace just kept saying I don’t have it instead of telling her was Oscar did to her. At the top of the show War is just like fuck it and pulls the trigger. Of course he doesn’t kill Candace but it does inspire her to finally tell him about Oscar. He grants her a week to live and get him his 1.5 million dollars. That is the only favor he will give her. At least that’s what he tells her when she asks him to help her get rid of Q’s still dead body lying in the middle of her floor. He refuses. Instead tells Candace she needs to “get up on this.” Uggh. I’m pissed. I actually liked Wor before he got his feelings hurt and started acting like an asshole.

After War leaves Benny shows up at Candace’s door. He wants to talk but Candace doesn’t want to let him in to see Quincy STILL laid out in the floors. he bum rushes his way in and finds Quincy STILL laying on the floor dead. This is the first time in the whole series I have ever seen Candace stand down when someone told her to stand down. She explains that Jeffrey killed Q in self-defense which of course he doesn’t believe. Then it occurs to that Jeffrey isn’t there and could be talking to the police right now. After all he did try to call them earlier. He has no idea that Jeffrey actually got hemmed up and sexually assaulted by a racist homophobe. Honestly I wonder if that fact will ever be spoken of again? People tend to get raped or assaulted quite frequently on this show. Benny sends Candace off to get cleaned up and find Jeffrey while he handles Quincy.

After some catty back and forth between DA Jennifer Sallison and Maggie Day, David is released from jail. Jim seems suspicious and I assume that he knows about David’s previous relationship with Jennifer. Veronica’s evil ass tells David to let Jeffrey languish in Jail and get her out. For the first time David is disgusted and tells her no.

jennifer sallison

Jennifer hems David up in the hallway to put the squeeze on him. She asks him if he is finally done with Veronica after she has cheated on him. She tells him she was happy to watch them all fight in the cells and that he didn’t get him out Maggie did. Once again she goes plum batshit stalker crazy. At least we are finally seeing why she has been obsessing over this case. It’s all about getting revenge on David. I don’t know what he is doing to these women but they are literally losing their shit over him. Jennifer suspiciously asks him how Maggie was in bed. When she sees his reaction her jealousy goes into overdrive. When David says that he just needs to know where his son is she refuses to tell him. Jeffrey is her new pawn in the game.

Maggie meets David as he gets out to retrieve his personal items. His first order of business is to call the Malone’s to see if Jim put a hit out on Veronica and they say he hasn’t put one out with them they just know she shouldn’t go home. The streets are talking. David demands that Maggie retracts the picture of Veronica that she leaked. She refuses saying that she doesn’t care about anybody else she only cares about him. He asks her who is in the picture but for whatever reason everyone is acting like they don’t know who the man is.

Jenifer meets Jeffrey in the witness room. She tells him everything she knows about the hit and run and the cover-up. She tells him about the immunity deal that Wyatt worked out. Jeffrey insists that he hasn’t done anything but she reminds him that lying to the police is obstructing justice and the only way to get out is to testify against everyone including, and probably especially, his father.

Jeffrey tells Jennifer he will only testify against his mother because his mother is evil. Jennifer has a momentary break from crazy and takes a more concerned tone as she listens him talk about why he is more than willing to testify against his mother. He tells her about his mother blackmailing him because he is gay. She questions him about blood on his shirt but he makes up an excuse but she isn’t done milking him for information. I mean why should she? He’s answering them all without a problem. She asks him what the deal is with his mother and father and also about Maggie Day. He asks her not to bait him but spills ALL the damn tea…

Q’s crazy ass sister is still till looking for him. Honestly I’m having trouble remembering if we already knew that was his sister. Oh wait yes she was the one that had little Q. I forgot all about that. Some young dude shows up on her doorstep because she wants him to show her how to track Q’s phone he just needs a laptop. These fools pull out a whole box of burner laptops! Life in the trap house lol. The guy picks one out and there are able to pull up the phone’s location at the Candy Cane Corporation. But they can’t go fancy neighborhood in a hoopty! She demands he go steal a good car so that they can find Q. “Not what YOU think fancy. A car they drive over there.” Umm ok…

Lil Q and Hanna wake up in the hotel. He is sick and in a lot of pain. She orders a cab to go to the hospital even though she doesn’t have the money. Last week she didn’t even have the money to stay so I don’t know what she is doing. What she isn’t doing Is calling Benny. Cause clearly taking care of the baby isn’t worth using Candace’s devil money. They call a cab but when she tells him she only has $9.00 he puts them out at a bus stop. Shortly after Lil Q passes out in Hanna’s arms.

hanna lil q

Jeffrey pulls up to the Cryer house in a cab. They don’t have UBER in Savannah??? Wyatt is still living it up in his parent’s mansion like he already has his 12million dollars. I’m wondering where all the dope is that he copped last week. Jeffrey is nervous about his mom getting off. Wyatt is certain that they are all going to jail. Wyatt has gone off the deep end just like his sister…

Candace shows up at the Cryer’s to take Jeffrey with her. Wyatt, who is stupid enough to give no fucks right now, tells her Jeffrey has nothing to talk to her about because they just came from the police station. Candace looks in horror but then realizes he has no idea that Jeffrey killed Q. Jeffrey decides that NOW is the time to tell Candace he doesn’t want anything to do with her. Really? When there is a dead man that you killed laying out on her floor? Do you think that Candace didn’t remind him that he is involved in EVER part of what’s going on with her? And d=hitting him in the chest every place that he stabbed Quincy. No he is in this. And this is about to get deeper.

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