The Knockturnal Project visits ESPN Live + Our Predictions for Super Bowl 50 PLUS where we will be watching SB 50

Forget Super Bowl City. I spent Thursday and Friday getting insider NFL info from the pros!!

For Superbowl week ESPN took over the city of San Francisco for their live Super Bowl Coverage. Shows like Sportscenter, Mike & Mike, First Take , Pardon The Interruption and Around the Horn were taped live in various SF locations. Fans lined up at 12am each day to catch the 3am tapings of Mike & Mike and First Take at Fort Mason. Over in the Marina Green Sportscenter, NFL Insiders, PTI and Around the Horn brought out ALL of the sportswriters plus several current and former players.

I found myself in the Marina on accident. I LOVE football. I’m a diehard, red and gold blooded 49er fan. However as a Lyft/Uber driver, all of the Super Bowl mess had already jacked up my nerves so I had pledged not to go down to Super Bowl City or any of the SB parties. On Wednesday one of my passengers left her phone in my car. I replied to her Lyft lost item inquiry and we arranged to meet Thursday at her home in the Marina. I had completely forgotten that I saw ESPN setting up their stages there the day before. After returning her phone to her she gave me a nice little reward so I decided to reward myself by quitting work and going over to ESPN to see what I could see.

I had NO idea that they were taping all of their shows. Apparently, this is another well known Super Bowl secret that I didn’t know having never lived in a Super Bowl host city. When I arrived Vince Vaughn was being interviewed on Sportcenter and I almost died. I was right there at Sportscenter!!! Every sports fans favorite show and I was there!!! One of my fellow fans told me I had just missed Archie Manning and directed me to the ESPN PR twitter account that listed all of the shows that would be taping in that location and it was a wrap for me. I was only able to stay an hour on Thursday because I had appointments in Oakland but in that time I met Vince Vaugh, Drew Brees, Herm Edwards and DeMarco Murray. When I saw that my my favorite shows Pardon the Interruption and Around the Horn were being filmed there the next day I vowed to be back for more on Friday!

The next day I made sure to get my butt up on time (cause you know working for yourself sometimes makes it hard to get up on time) so I could work a little bit and spend the at the Marina. I did 5am to 8am and then off to the Marina I went. When I tell you this was on of the BEST pre-birthday surprises I could have ever received. I spent 6 hours at the Marina that day. I saw ALL of my favorite sports commentators. Coach Jim Harbaugh walked right up to me in the middle of the crowd, extended his hand and asked me what HE could do for ME! I had conversations with Woody Paige and Hall of Famer Ron Jaworski, I made small talk with Adam Schefter. I got birthday wishes from Mike Wilbon and I was the only fan that Steven A Smith stopped to take a picture with. It was the best day ever.

I should have taken pictures of all of the sports collectors! They need their own show! After watching them in action I now know how hard they work to get signed gear. But I also got to watch Adam Schefter in action as he engaged in his “insider” conversation. He is magic and a really sweet dude.

Waited 6 hours to meet Tony Kornheiser and Mike Wilbon from PTI. My fave ESPN Show.

Meeting Steven A Smith and Jim Harbaugh? I was in heaven! AND I got to watch Steven A clapback at some white dudes that had the nerve to try him!

So after spending 2 days listening to ESPN insiders predict the Super Bowl I decided to ask some of my Knockturnal Project insiders what their predictions were. Here is how they think Super Bowl 50 will turn out:

Shawnte Craig-Jackson Carolina Panthers blow out by the team of thugs hurting the wholesome Denver Broncos. 45 to 0! #Dab

Renee Hunvan 31- 20. Carolina! Peyton is going to choke again.#DabOnEmCam

Dana MasterMind Johnson Honestly homie I think it’s going to be a closer game then people think. I think it will come down to who defense plays the best. I don’t think this will be an offensive game of Cam vs Peyton more like battle of defenses…but Carolina is younger, healthier and more hungry…so I pick Carolina 28-17

El Adams I’m pretty torn with the Superbowl both of the teams are really talented and the quarterbacks are both phenomenal. I want Carolina to win based on the fact that I really do not want Vernon Davis to win a Super bowl, yes I’m a hater. It would be great for Peyton Manning to go out at the Super Bowl winner but historically he chokes whenever he’s in the big game against a team that is equally yoked if not better than his. I predict that a defensive player from other either team will win MVP. And the Panthers will win by possibly 10 or more points.

Danielle KognizAnce Barnes Denver but not by much

As for me? I’m not much for point spreads. But the way this black ass Black History Month been setup this year…I predict tat Cam Dabs all over the Denver defense and the black ass Carolina Panthers beat the nice sweet respectable Denver Broncos 35-17

Dana and I will be watching Super Bowl 50 with our good friend, the real mayor of Oakland, Chaney Turner aka The Social Life at Somar in Oakland. $15 buckets of Corona on deck. If you are in the bay join us!!

They will be showing the Carolina Panthers vs. Denver Broncos game on 3 screens. Doors open at 1pm. Come enjoy drink specials, music, food and good comapny.
Reserved seating available for you and your friends.

21+ w/ID


SN: The Knocktunal Project is looking for black queers who follow the WNBA. If this is you email me at Subject Line: WNBA



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