Opportunities at The Knockturnal Project

People always ask how they can get involved with The Knockturnal Project. The following are a few spots that are open. All inquiries should be sent to theknockturnalproject@gmail.com with the position title as the subject line:

Web Specialist-There will be a site relaunch soon. Once the redesign is complete I will be looking for a web specialist that can be responsible for day to day maintenance of the site. Must be a WordPress wiz. Graphic design skills are a huge plus but not a necessity. Please send an inquiry with links to previous work.

Copy Editor- The final frontier before articles are posted to the site. Responsible for the formatting, style and accuracy of site content. It is imperative that you know the difference between there, their and they’re. đŸ™‚ Please send inquiry only.

Sports contributor- Looking for black queer sports contributors. Especially interested in WNBA contributors. Please send inquiry with your favorite sports, teams, and sports column/show/podcast.

Podcast Co-host- I am putting together a pool of co-hosts for my podcast. If you think you can hold up your end of a critical yet hilarious conversation with me please send an inquiry letter plus video or link where I can actually hear your voice.

Also very interested in black queer men that love to write and have lots of opinions.Please send an inquiry plus link to articles that you have written.

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