The Haves & the Have Nots Recap: Season 4 Ep. 401

We have literally been waiting all winter for the tea on OWN’s hit series The Haves & The Have Nots and they didn’t disappoint. As a matter of fact, tes was literally what they gave us. Episode 401 was titled A Cup of Tea and that cup was scalding hot and running over.

We started with Veronica still sitting shell shocked over Jennifer Sallison’s body. She seems flustered because she can’t seem to find her cell phone. But let’s be real, she just watched Kathryn pump about 5 bullets into Jennifer’s body. What she really wants is to get out of there. She runs around looking  for a way out of the house but it seems every exit is locked. Locked from the outside?? Finally she stops in the kitchen and tries to call the cops but the phone isn’t working. She turns around and Katherine is standing there on the stairs looking deranged like the mama in Carrie. Katherine asks where she was going. Veronica is scared shitless and I have NEVER seen her scared. She is the Ice Queen remember? Katherine yanks the phone outta the wall. Veronica simply stands there at a loss for words and Katherine repeats my sentiments of never having seen her at a loss for words.

Veronica tries to say she witnessed a cold blooded murder. But before she can complete the sentence Katherine cuts her off and says she didn’t see any murder and dares Veronica to challenge her. I swear. This whole episode is Kathryn putting on a clinic in punking and reading somebody. I felt some kinda way about it lol. Veronica wises up and says she didn’t witness anything either.

“You don’t look fine. You look frightened. The devil is afraid. I think you forgot what kinda bitch I can be. I think you needed to be reminded.” Kathryn says as she pulls up a chair and tells Veronica they are going to have tea. And pulls out a big ass butcher knife to slice the lemons for the tea. Lawd. Kathryn has truly lost her shit! Veronica wants Kathryn to trust her but Kathryn simply retorts “what about wyatts trust?” I forgot Veronica doesn’t know that Kathryn found out she had that man put in Wyatts cell who eventually raped him. Veronica tries to convince Katherine that she won’t throw the case and will get her off before it goes to trial.

Chile, Kathryn and this knife!

Meanwhile Candace is beating Brandon aka Oscar into giving her information about who hired him. She is giving him the business with a metal pipe. He already has a bloody hickey growing in the middle of his forehead. He pleads with her and tells her he doesn’t have her money. They struggle for the pipe and he is finally able to wrestle her to the ground and get her to listen to his story. He explains that he is a basic scammer just like Candace but now he is in asset recovery which basically allows him to scam people legally and get paid for it. He offers her the opportunity to go into s scam with him that will net her hundreds of millions of dollars and absolute power. I don’t know how scammers vet who they should scam with but whatever it was she didn’t see it in him. She walks out on him. But you know  andace can’t stay away from money OR power too long. I predict she will come back around to him.

Jeffrey has set up a memorial watch in Wyatts hospital room. His cop friend is at Candace’s house because Jeffrey sent him there. Jeffrey acts really pained as he basically tells him that Quincy’sbody is in the back yard. Jeffrey still thinks his best bet is to admit murder to a cop. It will be interesting to see how that works out for him. He tells the cop that he stabbed Quincy to death and says Candace was in on it. Wyatt wakes up and you know Jeffrey; that changed the whole game for him.

Hannah and Benny are sitting at the house recapping basically all the shit Candace has done in case someone wasn’t watching and needed to know. Hannah says she has the peace that passeth all understanding. Benny is being Benny. Once again confused about how Candace deceived him. Benny gets on my nerves because he is seriously the most clueless person on the show. Candace shows up insisting that if she turns herself in she can buy them some time in the house. Hannah isn’t buying it and tells Benny to get upstairs and pack his things before the sheriff comes to put him out.

David is at the hotel talking to this black dude that is running for president. He gives his condolences all around for David’s  “situations” including his pending divorce. The guy is Charles Fredrickson and he is running for POTUS. He tells David that anything he can do to help him he will. Since Tyler Oerry is terrible with foreshadowing I’m sure that this will predictably come into play later. David goes back to his date With Candaces scamming buddy Erica who is looking flawless in a yellow dress like Candace told her to do. David is all in her face and clearly not trying to hide his attraction to her. David gets a call from Jim whose ass is still in jail. For whatever reason Jim has t called the lawyer that David arranged to help get him out. Typical Jim. It’s almost as if he doesn’t even hear David because he is too focused on trying to get David to do his bidding his way. Jim asks David to help get War out of jail. David is reluctant once Jim tells him what War is in jail for but of course he agrees. Then he goes back to Erica’s fine ass and they head upstairs… ok!!!

Kathryn and Veronica are still drinking tea. Well, Veronica looks like she is willing herself to become invisible and slide away. Kathryn asks how long are they going to keep up the game and drive her into insanity. She asks Veronica how she knew Wyatt was in prison and details about the man Veronica sent into Wyatt’s cell. Veronica plays that game where she is the almighty fixer. She claims that Wyatt needed to be scared. As a parent she knows when a child is scared and he wasn’t scared he was going to the DA. Kathryn calmly asks her how her plan worked out. And then she just goes in. I mean she reads Veronica’s ass for filth and tells her all about her and her fucked up family. How Veronica was the smart one out of nine kids that all hate her. How Veronica slept with Kathryn’s daddy to get her scholarship. Oh baby when I tell you that Kathryn delivered the hottest goddamn read I mad not kidding. Veronica is basically Candace. And that’s why she hates her so much. Veronica is in debt up to her ears trying to maintain her money and status. Kathryn knows all of this because she is old many who has her hand in everything. Sits on the board of every bank and knows every politician and lawyer. She is the real deal and Veronica his still just a hustler trying to put on heirs and look down on other black folks.

Next thing I know Kathryn is comes after Veronica with the knife and slices her ass!!!!

Told you it was hot! If this is the opener what could next week bring?!


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