14 Love Songs That Are Really About Stalking


Every once in awhile I listen to my favorite love songs and realize heeeyyyyy this is like a step by step plan for stalking. Most of them are meant to show the intended how much the singer loves them but it just comes off as creepy, aggressive and scary. So I decided to ask my followers and we came up with our favorite stalker love songs.

14. Thinking of You-Tony Toni Tone

Aside from the fact that it seems like the girl has moved on and he has been obsessing over one kiss for over a year…he also says “I been thinkin bout it, and also stalking” So yeah…don’t be fooled by the lush strings

13. Ain’t That Easy-D’Angelo

Either D’Angelo is pimpin or stalking I’m not exactly certain. First he gets the girl high, then breaks down the reasons she needs him, then tells her “you can’t leave me, it ain’t that easy.” Yeah that’s pretty scary sir…funky though…

12. Hello-Lionel Ritchie

Aside from the creepy video where he follows the girl all over the place singing…doesn’t it just sound like somebody who pops from behind a bush when you least expect it??? “Hello, is it me you’re looking for?” Uh no actually it’s not…

11. All Around The World-Lisa Stansfield

The dude ran away and she is insistent on going all around the world to find him…nuff said…Nah girl he ain’t comin back….

10. Guess Who I Saw Today- Nancy Wilson

Guess she was stalking with a purpose…what with her man cheating on her and all. She was a bit to calm about it though like she was gonna snap at any moment.

9. I Will Possess Your Heart-Death Cab For Cutie

I’m sure that when they say “There are days when outside your window, I see my reflection as I slowly pass, and I long for this mirrored perspective, when we’ll be lovers, lovers at last.” it is supposed to be sweet and poetic. But it just makes me wanna call the cops.

8. I Will Follow Him-Peggy March

He touched your hand once, now he is your destiny and you follow him everywhere? Either puppy love or stalking you make the call.

7. One Way Or Another-Blondie


6. Bust The Windows Out Your Car-Jazmine Sullivan

Although she, supposedly, busted the windows out cause the dude hurt her it sounds more of a “don’t you know how much I love you” type deal…ahhh hell to the nah!!!

5. Outside Your Door- Meshell Ndegeocello

The song is so beautiful. Such an amazing musical performance. And while I know a lot of people who would love to be serenaded outside their door usually they prefer that it is from people they know. Otherwise it can be a problem.

4. The More You Ignore Me The Closer I Get- Morrisey

“Beware, I bear more grudges than lonely high court judges
When you sleep, I will creep into your thoughts like a bad debt
That you can’t pay, take the easy way and give in” Ummmm and what happens if I don’t give in?

3. Until You Come Back To Me- Aretha Franklin

Stevie Wonder can write a song that makes you feel at the highest height of love. Even with lyrics like “Though you don’t call me anymore, I sit and wait in vain, I guess I’ll rap on your door, tap on your window pane.” Well all right that may get annoying. And with Aretha Franklin belting it out it accents the power behind each one of those knocks.

2. Every Breath You Take- The Police

“Every breath you take, every move you make, I’ll be watching you” That pretty much says it all. A good stalker knows every single move you make at all times. That’s kinda how stalking works.

1. And I Am Telling You- Jennifer Hudson


You Pretty much don’t have a choice “And you, and you, and you, you’re gonna love me!” Jennifer Hudson delivered it well but to get the true depth you have to hear Jennifer Holiday deliver it. Sounds like she is grabbing by your collar up against a wall and TELLING you what you are going to do.





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