THE BLOOD!!! A listicle of the best Resurrection Day Songs to make the church fall out

Right about now there is a Pastor sitting in his study. He is kicking all the deacons and his secretary out. He just finished putting on his brand-new Pastor’s robe that he got from the church store and he is sitting down to pray. He is praying over his sermon. He is praying that it touches the hearts and minds of all the people there from the front to the back all the way into the overflow. He is praying that he has found the appropriate biblical text to get there going. To get their hands raised and in the spirit of worshipping the living God.


If you know ANYTHING about Resurrection Sunday at a black church you know that there are really only two things he needs to say to make folks fall out in a Baptist faint.




Really, all he needs to do is say either combination and then we can all go home. Be the time he even walks in the pulpit the choir has already whipped the congregation into a frenzy with any number of melodious, thunderous Resurrection Day songs. Auntie’s will have already fell out and lost their hats. Mother’s will have already caught the Holy Ghost and been excited that ALL her children and grandchildren were there to surround her with the Holy Ghost circle and not the Ushers. The choir will have sung the same words over and over in every key and cadence imaginable. The people in the over flow will have broken necks from trying to see what is happening. There will have already been a fierce hat parade at offering. The ushers will have stacks of fans and tissues at the ready. We will all be waiting.


He won’t have to do much. But he will. He will take us back to the cross and then the grave. We will hang there awhile until Pastor shouts…

HE ROSE!!! And people start falling out again.

Now if your family is like my family, you may tip out a little before this all wraps up to make your Easter dinner reservation. So, to help you out my sister and I compiled some of our favorite Blood songs and our favorite Resurrection songs. We hope that you enjoy and Feel That Spirit!! Oh, one more thing…

THE BLOOD!!! #baptistfaint

FYI- I will try to find links and ad them as I can. Some of these songs are hymns or just so old that it’s hard to track them down.


  1. The Blood- The Old Standard. The GOAT. You can’t miss with The Blood
  2. He Decided- Unknown- Baby you aint felt out till you fell out to a director that can stretch THIS song!! HE. WOULD. NOT. COME. DOWN. FROM. THE. CROSS. JUST. TO SAVVVVVVE. HIMSELF
  3. Nothing But The Blood- No One Knows Who Sings this song but PRMBC been singing it for 30 years. Maybe Charles Jackson knows lol
  4. Because Of The Blood- Ricky Dillard- “Saved, Washed, Cleansed, Blood Bought” BayyyBay yesssss!!
  5. There is a Fountain- Hymn
  6. Sunday’s On the Way- Take 6
  7. Peace Be Still- Vanessa Bell Armstrong- Our Favorite Pre-Resurrection Song
  8. No Greater Love- The song EVERONE’S choir will be singing today
  9. It Wasn’t the Nails- Olivet Oakland- If You don’t know how we do it in Oakland…
  10. Calvary- Richard Smallwood
  11. When Sunday Comes- Donald Lawrence & The Tri City Singers f/ Darryl Coley
  12. Because He Lives- Hymn
  13. We Shall Behold Him- Olivet Oakland


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