I’m in!! #52essays2017

It seems like every single year I have a new theme for my blog. One day I will finally perfect exactly what this space is dedicated to. Or maybe a new theme every year IS the purpose and I should go with that!

This year will be a little different though. I have been inspired by one of my fabulous writing peers from last years VONA workshop. My homie Vanessa Martir spoke glowingly about how she challenged herself to write an essay a week for 2016. She spoke of how the process writing no matter what really opened herself up to the actual process of writing and how it pushed her creatively. This year she has opened the challenge up to her fellow writer friends and I have decided to accept the challenge! What? Wayment. Huh? Girl why??

Because I am TERRIBLE at maintaining balance in my writing life. I am TERRIBLE and holding myself accountable for writing routines and deadlines. However, I recognize how important it is to do better. I know that for me to achieve my goals I need to work harder at pushing myself when it gets hard, when life gets busy, and when the words won’t come.

I chose an insanely busy time to put something like this on my plate! I’m starting a new job, working on a new business and working on a podcast. Honestly, this may be a perfect time for all of those reasons. Time to stop dreaming so much and start doing. The time is NOW!

So yeah, here we go. January 1st is Sunday so expect to see my first essay on Monday the 9th. I’m not going to promise what kind of content it will be. It may be funny. It may be serious. It may be about black people. It may be about queer black people. It may be about church. It may be about a new album I love. But it will be something. I just have to remember each of them are for me and no one else. I hope you like them but I’m not gonna focus on that at all. See you soon.

if you would like to join the challenge check out Vanessa’s blog:


















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